27 April 2022

Scouts is back!!!! 27/4/22

 Scouts is back. 

So tonight we will have a troop council. This is YOUR opportunity to put forward your ideas or events, like camps , hikes, special interests and social activities that you would like to do for the term. There was so many great ideas last term that I was reminded that we never wore our uniform once because it was such a social and adventurous program, and we left some great ideas out because of limited nights.

Some calendar events to consider this term.

  • Combined night with the Ventures.
  • Region Rally.

Patrol Leaders; Tonight will be your night to showcase a new game for us. Please come tonight with your game. Visit Google and find something new for our troop. I will have some all new, wild games also. 

Dust off your uniforms because it's full uniform tonight.

Be Prepared for FUN.

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