04 September 2019

Cubs 05/09/2019 *** SPRINGLOADED ***

Hi Cubs

We are off to Spring Loaded this Thursday.

Please be there between 6:30 pm & 6:50 pm as we all need to complete the waiver form prior to our Private Session starting at 7:00 pm

Please wear appropriate clothing to trampolining, and the Ninja Course. Red Group Shirts also.

Don't forget to bring plenty of water it is thirsty work.

Cost is $5.00 each Cub  payable to Spring loaded on the night.

Cub Scouts siblings are welcome  to join us  (Cost for Non Cubs is $11.00) as long as a parent/guardian stays to look after them.

Cubs need to be collected from Spring loaded at 8:00 pm when our private session ends

Hope to see you all there


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