18 June 2024

Gaming Night

Gaming Night

Cubs & Joeys Thursday 20th June 2024

Nintendo Wii on Projector Screen – play full size bowling and tennis – up to 4 players

Beat Saber on VR – Virtual Reality headset for full immersion gaming, chop the blocks with lightsabres to the beat of the song, single player with TV showing gameplay for spectators

Just Dance via Youtube – request you favourite dance and everyone gets to dance with you

Roblox – Bring your laptop or tablet,  fully charged with Roblox installed. No Desktops with Monitors please.  Bring extension cord if bringing the power cord. A Roblox professional will be friending everyone and leading the charge into the Roblox universe. There may even be a free Roblox skin for all cubs.

Meet at the hall for a 6.00 start pick up 7.30
Red Shirts    

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