16 June 2023

Region Rally

 Good morning Scouts,

Region Rally weekend is finally here. 😊

It's going to be cold but the days will be nice.

Meet at Glenreagh at 6pm-6:30pm.  Please eat BEFORE you come out. I will meet you there.

Drop off is very strict. Cars and scouts do not mix! Please drop your scouts off at the designated point directed by traffic control and follow the one way rule or as directed. No cars are allowed on the campground, Scouts must carry all their gear.

Pick up will also be at Glenreagh Sunday afternoon 2:30pm after we have closing parade.

Directions to Camp Eagle Eye: https://www.google.com/maps/@-30.0614828,152.9772994,17z?entry=ttu

Good scouting and enjoy the camp! Butch

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