28 March 2021


Joint night. The venturers are coming and running the night for us. A few special things:

  • At the hall
  • Usual time 7-9pm
  • Full uniform
  • Bring a back pack with a 5kg weight in it, make sure this includes a water bottle and a cup. I'm intrigued, are you?
  • Bring a torch and a rain coat
  • Patrols will be getting points, extra points for team members who come wearing a silly hat and/or wig.
  • Scouts/Venturers will be venturing outside the hall in the local area in patrols, under leader observation.
  • Please complete the Operoo
Remember, we are still COVID safe and need to check in via QR code.
Please fill in the form below to let us know if your child is coming this week.

Yours In Scouting,

Butch, Quoll, Wombat, Toni, Lex & Braydo

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