13 September 2020


Let's get it started in here

Sport night. Learning about Tennis and Hockey.

  • Red shirt
  • Wear joggers/sneakers
  • Bring a jumper 
  • All equipment will be provided
  • Bring a drink bottle, no using the kitchen or bubblers - you'll get hot and sweaty!!

Please remember if you've been to Sydney or another coronavirus hotspot in the last 2 weeks, or have any coronavirus or cold like symptoms please don't come.

Please fill in the Operoo form (CareMonkey has rebranded) to let us know if your child is coming this week. Apologies this has gone out a bit late this week.

If you don't reply, but your child still comes, and we are full, we will have to call the parents to come pick them up so we don't break the rules (we may be flexible given that we're late). 

 Please log into Operoo if you haven't received an email notification.




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