31 March 2020

Scouts - Virtual Meeting - Wednesday 1 April 2020

"It's Scouts, dear, but not as we know it."

Coffs Harbour Scout Troop goes online.

Join our first online meeting. It'll be different, but that's nothing new for us. We will be using Zoom for this meeting.

A Pioneer Tracker email will be coming out shortly, it will have the log in details. Please reply to indicate that you are planning on joining us so we can expect you. Parents are welcome to join their scouts to hear what the Scout leaders are planning. Please contact Quoll or Butch if you need the details emailed to you separately. (note change from Teams to Zoom)

To prepare for this meeting please have a ball of wool, scissors and a bunch of pencils. And, a notepad and pen to write things down. And your thinking hats on what could be possible.

And, who can find out where the quote above was from (with a Scouting change)??

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