17 March 2020

Scouts and Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - 17 March 2020

Based on Scouts NSW and Scouts Australia communications Coffs Harbour Scout Group meetings are currently still taking place as programmed for this term.

We will be asking all youth to wash their hands as soon as they arrive and regularly during the meetings. We always encourage thoughtful personal hygiene especially around sneezes and coughs.

If any leaders, parents or members fall within the higher risk categories please do not attend meetings. (Please see the Scouts NSW information page for these categories).

The ANZAC day march has been cancelled. We have not further communications about other activities beyond our usual weekly section meetings so are assuming no change at present.

Coffs Harbour Scouts will be keeping up to date on this and adding communications via the blog as it is received. We'll take it on a week by week basis. We will be planning for next term as usual at this time.

If you are concerned, please contact your leader to discuss.
If you'd like further information, please go to Scouts NSW: https://www.nsw.scouts.com.au/members-services/health-and-safety/scouting-guide-to-coronavirus/

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