18 March 2019

Cubs ***Hall Sleep over Saturday 23/03/2019***

Hi Cubs

We will be having a Sleep over in the hall on Saturday 23rd March. Starting at the Hall at 1400hrs (2:00 pm)

Cubs will need to be collected at 1100hrs (11:00 am) Sunday 24th March

We will be having games, sorting out badge work, getting ready for Cub Boom and a film in the hall. This is a practice run for those who haven't been to a Cubs Camp yet :-). It is also a leadership opportunity for Cubs who have been to camps before to lead those whom are new to Cubs Camps.


Cubs please bring:
  • Change of clothes: Wear your red Shirt Saturday but have a spare set of clothes for Sunday
  • Must wear enclosed shoes with socks
  • Sleeping gear (Stretcher/mat, Sleeping bag, Blankets &Pillow etc) No Air Mattress please as these are not permitted at camp.
  • Pyjamas
  • Wash Kit; Toothbrush & Tooth Paste etc
  • Mess Kit ; Plate, Bowl, Knife fork and spoon, Mug & tea towel all in a draw sting Bag (Please put your name on the bag)
  • Camp Chair (for film)
  • A favourite Board game to play with your six
Cost is $10 (cash only) payable on arrival on Saturday. As all food is provided. Please do not bring any food. There will be ample to go around.

We will cater for those with any special dietary requirements. Please let one of the leaders know if your Cub has special dietary requirements before Friday 22/03/2019 Special dietary requirements means any food types that will result in a medical emergency. (Example; a Nut allergy or Coelliac) It is not a preference on what they like to or are willing to eat.

 Please text Geoff (Bagheera) 0419 977 776 if you have any questions. about the Sleepover

Please respond to the Caremonkey E Form to let us know if you are coming or not

Hope to see you all there


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