12 February 2019

Active Kids Rebate Reminder

Don’t lose your Active Kids Voucher – Apply and use NOW. 

If you wait, you may not be able to use this year’s voucher.
If you use your Active Kids Voucher this will cover Scouts NSW portion of your fees (i.e. the $42 per term), we can not apply it to group fees. 

How to use your voucher:
1)    Apply for the voucher on Services NSW here (https://my.service.nsw.gov.au/MyServiceNSW/ActiveKidsVoucherRequest )
2)    Enter your voucher number on the Scouts NSW Website here (https://www.nsw.scouts.com.au/activekids/ )

Your term invoice will then include a credit for the Scouts NSW fees. 
You still need to pay the group fees (e.g. for hall costs, equipment and activities $68 per term).
If you can’t use the voucher fully in a year (e.g. not enough terms left) then we can’t accept it at all that year. Don’t get caught out.

Save the $100 and apply for and use your voucher now.

This flyer has more detail if you are new to the process.

Any questions please email groupleader@coffsharbourscouts.com.au and I will assist.


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