27 February 2018

Cubs Swimming Thursday 01/03

Hi Cubs,

We are doing our swimming badge this Thursday at Coffs Harbour Squash &  Swim Centre located in Kororo.

Starts at 6:00 pm & will finish at approximately 7:30 pm

Please ensure you complete the Care Monkey Permission email

Check your Yellow Books for the activities for the level badge you will be doing or download details from here:

Swimmer Level 1 Badge

Swimmer Level 2 Badge
If you are doing your Level 2 Badge please bring along an extra set of clothes(Shirt & Shorts) that can get wet!!!

You'll also need to bring;

Swimmers, Goggles (if you use them)  Towel, Water bottle and Dry Clothes

Remember to bring in your Yellow Books so we can get them all completed & signed off  from the camp.

See you all there


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