20 September 2017

Cubs 21/09 *** Nerf Party ***

Hi Cubs,

We are in the Hall this week for the last time this term.

We are having a NERF Party. So bring along your favourite Nerf Gun to join in the fun.

If you don't have a Nerf gun don't worry, I have some you can borrow. There is no need to bring along Nerf darts as I have enough for everyone. They are standard darts so if you have a MEGA Nerf you will need to bring along your own darts. Don't forget to write your name on any darts you bring with you.

It is a Mufti night, so no uniform required. Wear your red Group shirt if you have one if you want.

Parade will be at 6:30 sharp so we get as much Nerf action in as possible.

Duty Six is RED 

See you all there


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  1. This a so cool! A nerf gun party!! It must have been so much fun!!! I never got a nerf gun as a kid. I wish I did though. They look like they must be so fun to play with!


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