29 August 2017

Urgent - Scout Parent Meeting AJ2019

Hi All,

As we are know less 16 months away from AJ2019, alot of your kids have shown interest in attending the Jamboree. We need to start getting organised in making sure that the kids are eligable to attend and we start raising money to attend. I am still unsure of the exact costings, but hoping this will be released very shortly. 

There will be a mmeting tomorrow night Wednesday 30th August at 7pm.

I would like to talk to ALL parents whose child is wishing to attend. This is to let you all know of the process over the next 16 months and what is expected of the Scouts and yourselves.

At the end of this we will also talk about fundraising. We already have a couple of dates lined up and need your support. The more we all chip in the easier it makes it on all of us. 

Any questions please let me know. Also visit the Aj2019 website.



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