30 March 2017

Cubs ***Hall Sleep Over 01/04 to 02/04***

Hi Cubs,

Are you ready for a fun filled night sleeping over in the Hall?

We will be meeting at the Hall from at 5:00 pm Saturday 01/04 and you'll need to be picked up by 8:00am Sunday morning 02/04. (Don't forget daylight savings Ends at 2:00 am Sunday and the clocks go back an Hour!)

You must bring along your E1 which can be downloaded Here

Please bring:
Mess Kit (Plate, Bowl, Cup, Knife, fork , spoon and Tea Towel all in a bag)
Sleeping gear e.g. Stretcher/mat, Sleeping bag, Blankets &Pillow etc It does get cold in the Hall!
(No Air Mattress please as these are not permitted at camp.)
Toothbrush & Tooth Paste etc
Chair (for film)
A favorite Board game to play with your six

Cost is $10 (cash only) payable on the night for Dinner (Pizza & ice Cream Cones) and Breakfast Sunday Morning(Pancakes) We will cater for those with any special dietary requirements. Please let a leader know if you have special dietary needs

No Uniform required it’s a Mufti night.

Any Questions in reference to the Hall Sleep over or special dietary requirements please contact Raksha (Kim) on 0405 149 155

See you all there


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