07 November 2016

Cubs 10/11 *** Flip Out***

Indoor Trampoline Arenas

Hi Cubs,

We are heading to Flip Out on Thursday night for a Bouncy night of fun!!!

Cost is $14.00 per Bouncer!

Starts at 6:30 pm and will finish at 8:00 pm

Please wear your red Group Shirt if you have one.

You must wear Socks to go on the tramps so don't forget to bring them.

Also bring along plenty to drink as flipping out is thirsty work!!!!

You will need to bring along your E1 which you can download here

Also to speed up the registration process and get bouncing as soon as possible please complete the Flip out waiver and bring it along with your E1! Flip out waiver can be downloaded here.

Waiver can also be filled out on the night at Flip out.

Hope to see you all there


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