24 October 2016

Scouts - Challenge Cooking Night

Scouts this week will be a Cooking Challenge. You will have 90 minutes to plan, shop and prepare a 3 course meal for your Patrol and Leaders.

Here are the restrictions you have to work with,

  1. You will be allowed only the following cooking utensils
          - Cutlery, bowls and the fridge and freezer.
          - No Cooking equipment, this means all food must be either cooked when bought or able to be               used fresh.

  2. You will only have limited money to use. (Each Scout is to bring $10.00 with them)

  3. The longer you take planning and shopping the lest time you will have to prepare your meals.

  4. It must be reasonably healthy.

So start thinking on what will be a good option for this cooking challenge.

Remember to bring your $10.00, and some good ideas for this Challenge.

See you all Wednesday night.



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