20 July 2016

Scouts - Bearskin

Bearskin 2016 - END OF THE WORLD
Registrations are now open for Bearskin 2016! Register now to book your ticket! Be quick before tickets run out! https://registrations.ncrscouts.com.au 
What is Bearskin?
Bearskin is a 2 day Dragonskin styled Initiative weekend for the Scout Section organised by the North Coast Region Venturers! Scouts will be given a Map and a list of coordinates for each of the challenges, and it is up to them to plot the points on the map and plan a route for the weekend to maximise their chances of winning! 

Scouts can use Bearskin for their Pioneer Level Campcraft Expedition with prior approval of their Troop Council and the Bearskin Leadership Team.

Scouts whom have gained their Scoutcraft can attend Bearskin in teams of at least 4 (don't worry if you don't have enough Scouts to make a full team, we can join teams together so no one misses out!). 

Venturers, Rovers and Leaders can attend for a awesome weekend of socialising with fellow scouters and running bases for the Scouts which come through. There is a prize for the best base! So get your thinking caps on!

When & Where?
Bearskin is held from the 3rd - 4th of September 2016 in the Barcoongere State Forest, NSW.

The cost of the event goes towards Permits for the use of the State Forest, Hire of equipment such as Generators and Toilets, and other miscellaneous costs endured.

$30 - Scouts
$10 - Venturers, Rovers, Leaders

E1? Register?
Registrations for the event is online through Campfire - The North Coast Event Registration System, which generates a completed E1 for the participant. https://registrations.ncrscouts.com.au 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Bearskin Leadership Team at: leadership@ncrbearskin.com

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