18 May 2016

Cubs - Thursday 19/05/2016

Hi Cubs,

We are in the Hall this week working on our Knots and playing some games using the knots we all need to know.

Please bring your Yellow Books so we can finish signing off your Boomerang Badge work from last week. There will be a basket next to the front door of the hall to drop your yellow books off when you arrive and to collect your Yellow Book from the end of closing Parade.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Full uniform is mandatory for Parade.
Which is your ;
Cub Shirt
Scout Hat
Neutral or Navy Coloured Shorts/Pants/Jeans only
Enclosed Shoes. No Thongs or Sandals

Uniform Rules

Remember if you are not in full uniform you will not be able to carry the Flag or be a Flag guard at opening or closing parade for your Six.

Colour Party this week is RED SIX.

Look forward to seeing you all there


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