22 April 2016

Scouts - Hike and Hall Sleep over

We are going to have a Hike and a Sleepover this weekend.

We will meet at the National Marine Science Centre then hike to the Scout Hall. Please bring a Pack with your Lunch and Snacks, and swimmers and towel in case we have a swim along the way.

Also bring another bag with your sleepover gear and uniform, and we will take basck to Scout Hall for you.

If you do not wish to do the Hike then meet at the Scout hall at 5:00pm for the Sleepover.

We will have pizza and movies back at the hall.

On Monday morning we will attend the Dawn Service, have breakfast and retuern to the hall prior to the main march. If Scouts wish to do the March with their School or Cadets that is fine.

Parents need to pick up all stuff at around 8:00am on Monday morning prior to the ANZAC March.

If the weather doiesn't look good on Sunday morning, please check the Blog and we will still have the sleepover at 5:00pm.

Please fill out E1 and bring $10 cash for pizza with you.

E1 - Hike, Sleepover and ANZAC March

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