24 April 2016

Message for Parent Helpers At CubBOOM

Hi Cub Parents/Carers whom are attending Camp, 

Thank you for your support by attending CubBoom. Your assistance will be invaluable in making the Camp a success for all the Coffs Cubs attending.

Please be advised,

Parent Helpers need to provide all their own sleeping arrangements. That is your own tent , Sleeping Mat , Sleeping bag etc. Of course you can share tents, but I will leave that up to you to organise. We will allocate an area in our designated Campsite for you to set up your Tents.

The Cubs are allocated tents, provided by the Group. Set up and ready to go. There will be a Parent helper and a Youth Helper allocated to each Cub Tent to assist the leaders in management of the Cubs. 

There will be a briefing prior to the activities starting on Saturday Morning to explain the details. The Sixers or Second assigned as Tent Captains will look after tents and be advised to only seek assistance from helpers or leaders when they cannot deal with any issues.

You will need to bring along a Mess kit. We will feed you but you need to bring something to eat with!

A Mess Kit comprises of 

KFS set ( Knife,Fork And spoon)
Tea Towel

And anything else you wish to make life a little more comfortable at Camp. But you need to carry it so pack light! So Do not forget to bring a camp Chair. Trust me after a day at Camp you'll need it!!

You also need to be aware that it is a bit of a hike (100m plus)  from where you are able to park your car and the Campsite we have been allocated. So please plan accordingly.

There will be more information coming through in the next few days leading up to camp. So keep your eye on the Blog.



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