22 February 2016

CubBOOM - Cubs Camp 29/04/2016 - 01/05/2016

Hi Cubs and Cub Parents,

Time to get excited about CubBOOM!!!

We'll be heading out to Camp Eagle Eye for a camp at the end of April.

Come and celebrate the centenary of Cubs at an awesome campsite with loads of exciting activities, like a Flying Fox, Canoeing, Archery and loads more!!! You'll met loads of Cubs from the North Coast Region too!

We'll need some parent helpers for the weekend too so get Mum or Dad to talk to us Leaders about maybe lending a hand.

E1s for the Camp close April 1 so we have less than 5 weeks to get the pack organised.

If you have any questions about the camp please feel free to talk to Akela, Baloo, Raksha & Bagheera


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