06 February 2015

Welcome back Joey Scouts.....

The Joey Scouts had a fantastic first night back, playing lots of fun games, craft and learning about Scouting in New Zealand.
We also had two new chums - Mietta and William!

Wallaby sharing a book on the Kea from New Zealand!

Samuel, William and Harrison all enjoyed playing a game of Promise & Law Fishing! I took a photo of Mietta and Charlotte playing as well - but unfortunately my computer ate it in the transfer process.

Finally - story time! Wallaby read us a story that she had written herself about a lost fish!

Hopefully next week we will have our two sick Joey Scouts back in time to help play in some cold wet water fun games for Water Fun Night!

So don't forget to wear your swimmers under some old clothes, wear a hat, grab a towel and bring a water bottle.

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