29 April 2014

2016 Australian Jamboree Information Night - Thursday 8th May

Dear Scouts and Parents,

What is the Australian Jamboree? Well, it's only the biggest and best event in the Australian Scouting calendar. So big in fact, that it only runs every three years! Over 10,000 Scouts will converge on Cataract Scout Camp, Appin NSW, to camp for 2 glorious weeks of fun, fantastic adventure and friendship and it starts in only 620 days.

It is that time again to start preparing for the next Jamboree – based on age criteria set down (11.5 to 15 Years as of the 2nd January 2016) your child is eligible to attend AJ2016 (there are also criteria in relation to badge work achieved, nights under canvas and a recommendation from the Scout Leader which also must be met in order to attend Jamboree).

This is the biggest event in a Scout’s life and is going to happen in January 2016. The Jamboree is where Scouts from all over Australia (and even some internationals) get together and have a massive camp. In fact about 9,000 Scouts went to the last Jamboree in January 2013 in QLD. The next Jamboree is being held in Sydney and will run for about 10 days plus travel days.

We will be running an information session on Thursday 8th May 2014, at 7:00pm (2nd week of Term 2) to talk about a Jamboree as an event but more so to start fundraising and raising awareness in our group. The cost will come to approximately $1500 (officially amounts still to be released). This is a huge cost to parents, but to help with that, we can instigate some really good fundraising. We will discuss this further on the night. I do understand how tough the financial burden is but I wish to know if people are interested in fundraising.  

This meeting is mainly for the parents. So please come along to see what they can look forward to at the Jamboree. If you need to bring along other children, because you can’t get a babysitter that is fine. It is important that you make it to see what happens and how to make it as easy as possible for your child to attend.

Can you please RSVP by Tuesday 6th May, so I can organise some supper.

If you would like to know anything more please contact me.

Yours in Scouting

Skip – Braydo

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