Venturer Unit Constitution

10th November 2011
1.   NAME:  1st Coffs Harbour Venturer Scout Unit
2.   LOCATION: Coffs Harbour Scout Hall, Coffs Harbour
3.   OBJECTIVE: The aim of our unit is to promote enjoyment, encouragement, confidence, friendship, leadership, adventure and new skills.
4.1 The Unit Council will consist of the following;
4.1.1 Chairperson
4.1.2 Vice Chairperson
4.1.3 Secretary
4.1.4 Treasurer
4.1.5 Vice Treasurer
4.1.6 Quartermaster
4.2   All the above positions are elected at Unit elections, Unit elections are  reviewed bi-annually and re-elected if decided it is needed.
4.3   All positions are reviewed every twelve months.
5.1   All members to be at least 14 years unless decided otherwise 
by the Unit Council.
5.2   All members to be under the age of 18 and 3months.
5.3   All members must read, sign and accept the Constitution.
5.4   All members must be accepted by the Unit.
5.5  Associate Venturer Scout
5.5.1 An Associate Venturer Scout is a young person who may wish to join a Unit and who remains an Associate Venturer Scout until invested, according to the following; A new or prospective Unit member may be a recruit or advancing Scout. Maximum time as an Associate Venturer Scout will be 3 months from the first activity or meeting. Once an Associate Venturer Scout is invested into the Unit, they are no longer and Associate Venturer Scout. An Associate Venturer Scout needs to; Be accepted by the Unit Know and understand the Scout Law and       Promise Participate in 3 Unit activities (at least 1 outdoors                 and overnight) Associate Venturer Scouts should pay participation and activity fees as nominated by the Unit Council. Association fees are not payable. Associate Venturer Scouts may wear uniform if already an invested member. A sponsor for the Associate Venturer Scout must be appointed by the Unit Council to act as a mentor and teacher. The minimum joining age is flexible around 14 years old, dependant on the young persons level of development. An Associate Venturer Scout may not participate in Region or State activities (refer to part Paragraphs,, and must be included in the Unit Constitution.

6.1   All members are encouraged to participate and attend all  
activities and meetings.
6.2   Absence from Unit meetings should be notified or arranged     
by way of one of the following:
6.2.1 An apology is made to a Unit Council member prior to a meeting.
6.2.2 A written apology and explanation is received by the Unit Council before the third week of absence.
6.2.3 Arranging for Leave of Absence by way of a letter with the Unit Council.

7.1  Unit finances are to be used for any purpose that does not 
contravene the Scout Law or the Policy and Rules of the  Scout Association.
7.2  Money may be earned through any legal means reflecting the    
Spirit of Scouting.
7.3  Subscriptions (subs) are to be paid on a term by term as 
per arrangements set out by the Coffs Harbour Scout Group
7.3.1 Subs for a term is to be paid by week 4.
7.3.2 $20 per term per Venturer will be made available by the Group for the Venturer Unit to spend on Unit specific materials and equipment.
7.4  Members six weeks in arrears will face the Unit Council to
account for their arrears.
7.5  If no satisfactory solution is reached in redeeming the
outstanding arrears then the member will have to give reason for not having their membership terminated.
8.1 The Unit shall not specialise in any one activity, the Unit shall explore all activity areas open to Venturers.
8.2 Members will be encouraged to attend all events and activities.
8.3 Transportation to and from activities is the sole responsibility of the individual, unless prior arrangements have been made.
9.1 All Unit equipment remains the property of the Unit and cannot be sold or disposed of without the approval of the Unit Council.
9.2 All Unit equipment is made fully available to all fully subscribed members.
9.3 The purchase of equipment may only be made by the Unit Council, after discussion and determining its need.
9.4 All Unit equipment is to be treated with respect, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Any damage is to be reported to the Unit immediately, compensation for the repairs or replacement may be determined by the Unit Council.

10.1 All Unit members will wear the current Venturer Scout uniform or Unit uniform.
10.2 The wearing of the full Venturer Scout uniform or the Unit uniform is compulsory at all Unit activities, weekly meetings and any other occasions determined by the Unit council or the Activity teams.
10.4 The uniform of some activities will be at the discretion of the Unit Council.
11.1 The Unit will meet every Tuesday night at the Coffs Harbour Scout Hall between 6.30p.m. and 8.30p.m. unless specified by the programming teams.
11.2 The subsequent costs of special meeting nights will be determined by the activity organisers and shall be kept as low as possible.
11.3 Responsibility of expenses with regards to all meetings and activities are those of the participating Unit members.
11.4 Excess monies from the activities will be transferred to Unit funds unless otherwise specified.
11.5 Any shortfall of monies will come out of Unit funds.  

12.1 All members of the Venturer Scout Unit are encouraged to participate fully in the Award Scheme.
12.2 The requirements for all awards are covered in the individual Venturer Scout Passport.
12.3 The standards for the Award Scheme will be determined by the Award Standards Council.
12.4 The four knots required of the Venturer Scout to tie and show the practical use for Section 5 of the Bushwalking component of the Venturer Skills Badge are;
12.4.1 Alpine butterfly
12.4.2 Figure of 8
12.4.3 Truckies hitch
12.4.4 Rolling hitch

13.1 Venturers are not allowed to smoke while involved in scouting meetings and activities.
13.2 No use of foul or abusive language to be used.
13.3 No negative comments, repeated put downs or bullying.
13.4 No using physical strength to threaten or co-earce other members.
13.5 No being dangerous with fire.
13.6 No treating scouts like they are slaves.
13.7 Respect other venturers’ points of view and listen to their ideas.
13.8 Must abide by the Scout Law and Promise.
13.9 Members are to perform tasks allocated to them sensibly and reasonably.
13.10 All Venturer activities are of a SAD nature (no Sex, Alcohol or Drugs).
13.11 Repeated minor or low-level  behaviours that disrupt other Venturers enjoyment of Scouting activities is not allowed
13.12 All Venturers must show respect for property
13.13 If a venturer disobeys the constitution 3 times steps will be taken:
13.13.1 1st STEP: a warning from the unit chair.
13.13.2 2nd STEP: suspension of three meetings or activities
13.13.3 FINAL STEP: formally asked to withdraw unit membership.

14.1 The preceding document is recognised as the only official Constitution of the Coffs Harbour Venturer Scout Unit.
14.2 The Constitution will be reviewed at a time deemed appropriate by the Unit Council or the Unit in Council.
14.3 On investiture a Venturer will:
14.3.1 Sign a copy of the Constitution in the Unit Minute Book.
14.3.2 Receive a copy of this Constitution.
I acknowledge receipt of the Coffs Harbour Venturer Unit Constitution
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